27 thoughts on “44-Minute Full Body Workout – Fat Blasting Metabolism Boosting body weight workout 270-320 Calories

  1. This is great. It is a slower pace workout that still tones and gives you great cardio. Good for a day where I need to sweat and tone but don't feel like running or jumping around.

  2. Hi……….killing workout……………feels good after trying only twice………….my hip and thigh muscles all sore……………….hoping for some inch loss soon…………..I just want to ask that how many calories this full workout burns????….Also, that if regularly doing this routine will help get rid of weight loss sagging belly skin?……..thanks………..:))

  3. ok so first of all i apologize for my English

    i have done this workout four days ago and it was so hard i couldnt keep up with the trainer and skipped about 3 exercises

    i Just finished working out i am all sweaty and i feel great i did each exercise perfectly
    the point of alll this is to never give up you can all do it ladies ! stop shaming yourself stop thinking that you aren't good enough
    i love you all and thanks for the great workout

  4. its a good workout. people stop being cry bi**es,,I also thought that im a begginer and this workout gonna be good for my lever. but it isnt their fault that my lever is before the begginner….yes i had to stop,,,yes i havent even completed second circuit…after two days ill try again.its important to stay with this and dont get discouraged. in my 19ies i used to do heavy weight lifting and now im getting tired after warm up:)who cares..lets get back in shape…

  5. I am currently looking for good workout ideas for an 1 hour class. and seriously, the title is 45 minute workout, the video is onli 43:46 long and the first minute are instructions 😀 U should call it 40minute workout just to not confuse your viewers 🙂

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