26 thoughts on “Fun Dance Exercise Workout Fat Burning 2, Legs, Thighs, Butt at Home Beginners Aerobic Cardio

  1. thank you for this videos. I really enjoy Jen's classes. I'm not too overweigh but I have never really worked out, so this helps me so much to work out. it is fun, easy but with a challenge. I cannot keep up other trainings but this ones are kinda easy. so thank you for that. I have a pound and a waist inch less since I started to work out to this series. keep them coming please!!

  2. I hate the way this sounds, but women shouldn't have a lot of tattoos, and they should be small like a heart or a cross. But that's just my opinion. You do you. Tattoos are not meant to make people look trashy. It's art on your body. Every tattoo should me a memory or something that means a lot to you. It shouldn't be decided for you by someone else how many to get or what to get. It's all up to you.

  3. YAY! Just finished this workout! I really find this one, just as the other ones you've done, enjoyable and happy and a great addition to my workouts. Please continue to make more of these videos!  Thank you so much! 🙂

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