20 thoughts on “Wednesday – Intense Muscle Shredding Warrior Workout – 7 Day Fitness Challenge #7dayfitnesschallenge

  1. Hi Sean, loving all the videos and the Yoga for Athlete's book a 1000 feet or so below you in Monument, just wondering there are a lot of questions on your pull-up system, just wondering what make/model it is or do you have any recommendations? Looking to invest in one.

  2. did u say repeat this over if u want to?!  Never!!  I actually pushed right through this.  didn't think Id make it.  Only one I couldn't do was I think its called the T Stand.  stayed on my knees, did a pushup using no weights, but did the rest.  :)))

  3. great workout!I workout on my deck . i love working out outside, although the neighbours think i'm crazy. lol i could find to weights the same so i used two different weights its added fun on balancing exercises.

  4. Fantastic Coach…really fantastic! I have days were getting to the gym is not possible. I am always a bit out of sorts about that. I have filled in with other teacher's fitness challenges and they were okay. This one…may I say…in it's thoroughness and simplicity…was brilliant. I feel I got my shred on…I am sweaty! I am also elated to find that after all this time push-up hovering with the coach…the burbees were a piece of cake. Yahoo. Also impressive …is the Coaches ability to put together a weight class that just about anyone could do using his suggested modifications. As ever Sean, I am grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart. An excellent job Sir! xoxox, ever, Lolly with the shredded muscles!

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