8 Reasons to Try Indoor Rowing As outdoor workouts become relegat…

8 Reasons to Try Indoor Rowing As outdoor workouts become relegated to the weekend and your body requires a reprieve from repeated long rides or runs a fresh training method could become a welcome change to your training schedule. Enter: indoor rowing. As the heir apparent to the reigning king of group fitness classes indoor cycling indoor rowing is poised to become the countrys newest workout obsession as rowing studios continue to pop up throughout the country. If youre looking to supplement your training regime consider this full-body workout. Here are eight reasons you should try indoor rowing: 1. It Burns a High Amount of Calories Harvard Medical School states that a 155-pound person rowing at a vigorous pace can burn more than 600 calories per hour. This is on par with mountain and BMX biking. 2. Rowing Removes Muscular Failings Endurance runners and cyclists tend to have many muscular deficiencies that lead to repetitive stress injuries says Richard Butler a UCanRow2 Concept2 indoor rowing coach at Mecka Fitness in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He believes rowing can offset this propensity. When we row we use more than 86% of our muscles. [Its] tough to have deficient muscles using that many muscles. 3. Rowing Circumvents Compensation While running and cycling it is also very easy to become quad-dominant (overusing your anterior muscles) says Dustin Hogue interval studio director of Studio Three in Chicago. Rowing counteracts this by engaging the posterior muscles of your body: the hamstrings glutes and back. This helps avoid compensations. 4. It Burns Fat In a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports which compared fat oxidation in rowing to cycling across a range of variables including exercise intensity mode and recruited muscle mass rowing beat out cycling. This was specifically due to the greater recruitment of larger muscle mass on the ergometer. 5. Its a Two-For-One Workout Rowing works both the upper and lower extremities in synchronicity. Its one of the true full-body workouts says Butler. He says when done properly in one continuous movement athletes use their back arms legs and core. READ MORE > SPINNING 101 AND THE ANATOMY OF A SPIN BIKE [INFOGRAPHIC] 6. Theres a Meditative Component According to UCanRow2 an organization with a mission to bring rowing to people across the U.S. rowing indoors keeps the mind centered and helps relieve stress as you get into a rhythm with each stroke. 7. Classes Teach You Proper Technique Most people have either never rowed or row with incorrect gawky posture curtailing rowings proper returns. But participating in indoor rowing classes diminishes the inelegance and instructors help you perfect your position. That awkward feeling of not knowing how to do a move is minimized says Butler. 8. It Decreases the Risk of Injuries For those who recently suffered an injury and feel a little apprehensive getting back into high-impact sports (like running) but feel ready to get back into cardiovascular shape rowing is a favorable alternative. Running causes a great deal of stress on the leg joints so rowing is perfect for avoiding injury while endurance training says Butler. As with any group fitness class rowing classes vary by studio and instructor. A typical rowing class at Studio Three pairs bursts of short anaerobic exercises with active recovery periods and weighted resistance training says Hogue. Athletes perform a series or distance or timed pushes on the rower along with multi-joint strength movements off of the rower. At ROWFit by Mecka Fitness Butler teaches authentic crew rowing techniques to increase endurance and train all major muscles. At the popular Row House NYC in New York City instructors encourage participants to row in sync with each other simulating a real crew team. Whatever class you choose all indoor rowing classes focus on providing low-impact high-energy workouts helping you elevate your heart rate and building strength as a complement to any endurance training regime. If youre interested in indoor rowing you can find a certified instructor at UCanRow2 and even become certified yourself. The post 8 Reasons to Try Indoor Rowing appeared first on Under Armour.

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