44 thoughts on “AK126 20 min strength yoga workout lower back arms legs core

  1. Occasionally I find a class I missed. This is one of those. I have to tell you that this is a 20 minute gem. I have been short on time this week so finding a through class that one can do quickly is quite a gift…This is a strength class that flows!…how great is that? Enjoy it and Merry Christmas to you all. Ever, Lolly xoxox

  2. Dear Ali, just wanted to say a great thanks for your video practices. They are of incredible professional level, and also quite difficult – I appreciate that a lot. Thanks for all the time you put into making and distributing them for everyone to see, not many people would do that. 🙂

  3. I was looking for plank workouts, but my jaw dropped at 20:00 and blurted "Wow!" It was like looking at some beautiful sculpture in this sophisticated pose or something. Smoking hot, too.

  4. Great quick sweaty yoga session!  🙂 you bring me so much peace and have helped me so much with my long distance running, strenghtening my upper body and stretching my hips. Love all your videos!! 🙂 Happy Fall! 🙂 Namaste <3

  5. I love this class and all your classes. But can you do us a huge favor and not say "And one more time…" unless the movement is really one more time?! It throws me off! 🙂 Thank you for your loveliness. 

  6. Wow…Just perfect for me when I need a quick yoga class and I can tell you that I felt every muscle in my body…But then again every yoga class you bring us is just so awesome <3 XOXO

  7. Aww another awesome and beautiful class!!! exactly what i need to strengthen my lower back and the length is also perfect fit my time today!! just finished it felt so good right now, now I can go to work full of energy haha, thank you dearest Ali!!! love

  8. Your timing could not have been more perfect today Ali 🙂  Its been a hectic few weeks and I did not realise until about the third vinyasa flow at the beginning that I had not been breathing optimally lately. Thank you for helping me reset my balance. Kind regards, Kate

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