No More Gym: Burn fat and build muscle from a home gym: Save time and money from effective home gym equipment and exercises: Why commercial gyms want you to fail

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Join the revolution and set up your own home gym – whatever your budget or space limitations!

Commercial gyms are crowded, expensive, unhygienic, and fail to deliver the surroundings required for effective workouts. In this book, learn about the limited yet affordable exercise tools you really need to lose fat and build muscle, all of which can be stored away under your bed or sofa when not in use.

Learn the practical steps you can take to setting up an effective home gym environment, the little tricks and inexpensive equipment needed, along with the necessary shift in mindset required to achieve your goals.

This book also includes two FREE templates for home workouts; complete with exercises, sets and repetition schemes, with two different goals in mind – one for losing fat and the other for building muscle.

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