36 thoughts on “Epic Legendary Intense Massive Heroic Vengeful Dramatic Music Mix – 1 Hour Long

  1. Almost 13 million views!!!

    I remember when this had about 10,000 and I wondered why more people hadn't heard it. This blew my mind and still does.

    So happy for you Versus. You make the most bad ass music!

  2. When another strange and monstrous universe is born and you spot it by a Super-Sattelite.
    Days after Universe Wars occur and the Original Universe with that Monstrous "Opposite" Universe start an epic battle with this them. All franchises, all comics, all people, all elements, EVERY single thing that is made on earth (Including computers, comic books, theories and all) along with other alien planets VERSUS An imposter monstrous universe.

    But then both universes get lazy and tired and decide to have a Which team drinks coffee first (at over 1 hour),
    And it was a tie because the other universe was just an opposite, the regular universe was normal/opposite of the opposite universe. Stay still with me! A time paradox happens because of the same timed actions of quintillions and rentillions and kintillions of things. Both universe collapse, but this theme keeps playing on. Another universe gets formed because the theme was the only thing to survive, and so, another universe gets formed. 2017 Years After another opposite universe gets formed and absolutely same happens. This theme keeps playing on and the same and the same.

    Do you get how I mean this? This theme is so epic that even a universe war couldn't stop it.

  3. Is there a way to have the ads fall between songs rather than in the middle of a song? I understand the need for the ads, I even don't mind just letting them run rather than push the skip button, but it is sad how they break some great songs in half.

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