1. broner trains like me I'm always training hard I'm a boxer as well so training hard every week and pushing your body to its limits and delicate your self to your own style and craft is the best thing ever

  2. If u don't train at all it will be less than 1 minute. If u don't have your legs under u your done. The first 15-20 seconds your legs are the first to go without your legs your prone to a K.O.

  3. barry has a personality that draws you into the work and it makes you want more of it but you have to want it first , he'll keep pushing you to do more even when you think you're done because he is firm but a friend with zero tolerance for the bullshit but he knows when to let you be you broner has gotten bigger than mike Stafford in his mind to a certain degree and there for the respect level isn't there and mike is too lenient on him maybe thinking broner's actions show he might fuck around and get mad and fire him but I think broner has some loyalty and would see him straight for all his work that he's done raising him up

  4. Word @James Mitchell reading this is pure comedy.
    Barry Hunter not only works for the Olympic team, but has raised champs from the ground up. Smh @ people who hide behind these avatars talking smack.

  5. Way better at 140lbs. Right where he always belonged. Jumped way too soon and way too quick, BUT, I think it actually helped him and finally woke him up. He will be Hard to beat right now at 140. NO BULLSHIT. I want to see him vs Crawford assuming Crawford wins his next fight.

  6. Its not about wailing off a 100 punches in a row you idiots. You do road work and strength and conditioning work for stamina. This is more to place the shots in the right places at the right time. If Broner can improve his footwork there is no reason why he can not be top 10 P4P.

  7. Broner neeeeeeds Barry to corner him in the fights! He domes the let broner control the tempo at all and brings the best out of him! This is what I like to see from broner!

  8. If anything, Stafford needs to take a backseat at this stage if he really wants Broner to succeed. Stafford is lazy in there with Broner. Hunter is all about getting in that hard work. No BSing.

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