32 thoughts on “20 Min Lower Back Rehab – Lower Back Stretches for Lower Back Pain Exercises Workouts – Low Back

  1. These stretches are amazing! I suffer from horrible lower back pack, and just doing these stretches helps so much!! I'm going to start doing your back strengthening exercises also. Thank you so much!!

  2. This definitely works for people with common lower back pain due to sitting on a office chair all day long.
    It`s streching and exercising the muscles on your lower back, so don`t overdue it. Take it slowly and try to be aware of your posture during all times.

  3. My lower back hurt so bad Monday morning I could barely get out of bed. It's Saturday and I'm 75% better and I've only done this three times! This will be a part of my exercise regime from now on. Thank you!

  4. Sir/mem I liked your worked out….what do you recommend, I have thight muscles from my left side close to the heart…and it connect down to left side hips down to my left side butt, I had this problems since year 2002 until now,,,its tightening every time I kept moving and its swelling….it causes when I got out my car right in a chair…something liked been twisted my left back side….or did located…massage chiropractor it won't helped…please its pain full..what do you recommend?

  5. Hi im 29 years old and for the past ten years ive been dealing with lower back pain and tried everything and took medication they have thrown at me and i still had lower back pain come back and every time it came back it would get worse. I got home and popped a oxy because these last few days my pain has been even worse then ever i couldnt even get up with out crying due to the pain i was in. I looked up how to relieve my back pain for the past hour and no video would help until i saw your video and i gave it a try within 5 mins i felt my pain starting to go away and by the time the end of the video my pain was 95% gone i could get up from laying flat on my stomach without screaming in pain and for the first time in years my posture improved by 85% and i cried because as a kid my posture was never perfect and i always slouched and now because of this workout i feel brand new and im going to do this workout every morning when i wake up and before i go to bed and let everyone i know about you guys. I thank you for helping free from this prison i called pain and i will let you know my results every month. If theres a way i can reach you guys so you can show how this is real results please let me know.

  6. I just woke up from a bad week of little to no sleep because of my back pain, I just did this video with you and me oh my do I feel 100Xs better, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME AND MY BACK💙

  7. I don't believe a good athlete like myself who uses their back everyday, even after 2 microdisectomys on l5 s1 will benefit from this strengthening routine. Maybe the stretching routing, but other than that, I thnk rest itself and limiting activities is more important. No workout is going to take my back pain away completely besides resting ur back and limiting activities. Strengthening makes no sense if you are a good athlete..it only makes it worse I believe

  8. Was just diagnosed today with lumbar hyperlordosis. My hubby just did this routine with me. He has new respect for yoga…harder than it looks. His lower back pain was also relieved. THANK YOU for making this vid and for putting it out there to help us heal. xoxo

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