Aokayy 11 PCS Resistance Exercise Fitness Bands Set with Coded Resistant Bands Door Anchor Ankle Straps Foam Handle and Carry Bag for Home Fitness Travel Fitness Strength for Men and Women.

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All Aokayy fitness resistance bands are made from superior Natural latex material and are securely fastened to heavy duty metal carabiners, giving you an ideal workout.
You can build strength, improve fitness, use post-injury to regain strength, help with mobility. The list is endless.
Our buffer handles provide a comfortable and safe grip for all your workout needs. They can quickly change the level of resistance.
With the Aokayy fitness bands, you can create custom resistance by adding multiple bands on each handle to maximize your workout potential.
How to use the Door Anchor?
1. Open your door
2. Put the door anchor above the door, making the cylindrical sponge toward outside, the other end toward inside
3. Close and lock the door
4. Put the resistance tube through the door anchor strap
5. Buckle up the tube handle
6. Test whether the tube is firmly attached
7. Start to exercise
Here’s what you get when you order:
5 x Tube set with handles
2 x Handles
2x Ankle straps
1 x Delux Door anchor
1 x Carry bag
1 x Resistance Band Kit Workout Guide
11 PCS Set: this set with 5 color bands (Black: 30lbs Green : 25lbs Red: 20lbs Blue: 15lbs Yellow: 10lbs) 2 Handles, 2 Ankle Straps, Delux Door Anchor, carrying Bag
MULTIPLE USES: It can be easily transported to use wherever and whenever you want. The exercise bands fit easily into the carry bag provided. Use them at home, in the gym, when traveling or as part of an exercise class
PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM QUALITY: Our exercise bands incorporate the highest quality, continuous dipped, super strong inner safety cords, woven nylon webbing, solid iron clips, and dense neoprene. Anti-snap Design will reduce your worry of getting hurt during exercise
Environmentally: These band tubes are made from Environmentally friendly Natural latex material. They are made for high-grade robust material long durability. The handles are made for a comfortable no slip grip
MORE THAN GUARNTEE: If there any issue with your product for any reason, we will offer money back guarantee within 30 days