24 thoughts on “1000 Calorie HIIT Workout – 90 Min Extreme Fat Burning HIIT Workout

  1. I just completed this workout with my friend and I burned 1060 calories, but it took us 1 hour 52 mins. It was tough and we really enjoyed it. Thank you Mill for all you do !

  2. Wow, you tryna kill somebody. All on the wall like a spider, sweat drippin down my knees. I have NEVER on my knees in my life. Omg, you some type of beast. Good for you! I didn't make it past 30 minutes. I'll be back tomorrow tho 😂

  3. Sir please help me, i am willing to do any exercise, i am 90 kg i wanna lose weight fast , i know exercise is the key but tell me best exercises set 1 hour or 2 hour daily wrokout and tell me how much it will take me to lose 25 kg please upload a video please please please. can i do it in 6 months?

  4. That was tough! Thanks for an awesome workout! Do you have any with fewer burpees/lumbar flexion? My back tends to ache after a certain number cause I have trouble with bending just at the hips and not flexing/extending my lumbar spine with them

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