26 thoughts on “AK52 Intense Bodyweight Fusion Yoga Intervals Abs Core Jumping Legs Splits

  1. Hi Ali! I have not done this class for awhile! I forgot how strong it is, perfect balance of yoga and intervals! Excellent before work in the morning to get me moving! Thank you for allowing me to take a wonderful class in my own home everyday! Love!

  2. CORE AND CARDIO! This class is the perfect toss between Flow and HIIT…heavy on the Hiit but with just enough yoga to maintain that peace and calmness we all seek (which truly makes the HIIT way more do-able). I loved the whole side plank sequence for core and balance. There is a wonderfully thorough core sequence toward the end of the class. Ali has the most amazing way of slipping in a pose like a one-armed plank so as to have you doing it before you realize that you (thought you) couldn't. I am always amazed at the move that Ali finesses me into before I have time to realize I am doing it. That is the magic that is Ali. What a gift we have in her. She is not only a teacher…she is an angel who brings to us self-confidence and the belief that we can do and, we can be, anything! With so much love and respect Ali, xo, L

  3. Pheww! This was good intense…A good 30mn cardio with intervals throughout, plus strength and flexibility to work up a good sweat and start the day. Thank you so much for this…

  4. Core and flexibility!!….thank you for posting this.  As a martial artist, this is EXACTLY the type of training I'm trying to incorporate in to my daily workouts.   And as a single dad, the short length (30 min) also makes this very doable for me.  Thank you again for posting this workout Ali!!

  5. I watch every video and do lots of the ak's and balances. This video was very challenging, sweating like hell and trying to keep up. I can't lie because I always tell the truth, this intense cardio yoga flexibility chick has made me stronger and challenged my body in varies of different ways with her yoga. She's helped me get my hips stronger and much more flexible along with her push-up chaturangas. That's just saying the least because she is a beast at what she does, oh yeah this is coming from a vegan dude

  6. Hi Dear Ali!
     For about 2,5 years after giving birth I was trying to lose weight that i gained during pregnancy, but NOTHING worked. I tried lots of diets and exercises, and my weight was the only thing i was thinking about, even my personal relations started to suffer because of my bad self esteem and negative thoughts.
    After 10 days of practicing with your videos I lost my first 2,5 kg and 6 cm in my waist!!!!! You also encouraged me to start a vegetarian way of life 🙂 I am a lazy person, and doing exercises for me was always been a torture, but now I am full of energy and every morning i wake up so happy knowing that i will make my practice and i will feel so amazing!!! thank you for virtually coming into my life and making those changes to my body and to the way I feel now! You are the BEST Guru!!! You changed my life and the way i see myself!!!
    Love and Namaste!

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