5 thoughts on “HIIT #8: 20 minute full body HIIT workout to burn fat, build muscle, & increase fitness

  1. great workout!! I am an avid gym goer. I was of the mind that I had to lift heavy weights and go at my HIIT workouts like a mad woman. I was waking up in agony everyday. This workout convinced me otherwise. Thank you.

  2. I am so happy I discovered you! What a nice variety of HITT workouts. I love that they are all similar yet different. The fact that you incorporate weights gives flexibility depending on your fitness level. 20 seconds of HITT is perfect for me (versus 40 or more seconds). I can handle anything for 20 seconds! Also, love your accent and your enthusiasm is at a perfect level (not annoying as some instructors can be). Thank you!

  3. I made a mistake at the end of this video in the stretching section. I mention that your body can continue to burn calories 24+ hours after completing a HIIT workout due to EPOC, which stands for 'excess post-exercise oxygen consumption'. In the video I called it post-exercise oxygen recovery (instead of consumption). Sorry – it's hard to exercise and talk at the same time! What it means is your body will continue to burn excess calories long after you've finished working, in an effort to recover from the high / low intervals.

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