Pilates Weekly Workout With Lynne Robinson [VHS]

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“Pilates tackles the deep structural foundations of the body”, explains instructor Lynne Robinson. “Every movement is performed slowly and with control, which means you can’t cheat, and the end result is a body which is long and lean, supple and strong.” This workout presents three 25-minute Pilates-based exercise sessions that aim to change the way you use your muscles. You can choose one to do each day, or put them together when you have the time and inclination for a long workout. Each movement emphasises the core muscles of the abdomen and back. You don’t need any previous experience because the introduction shows you how to use these muscles through alignment, stabilising and breathing, and Robinson carefully instructs the nuances of every movement. The mood is quiet and controlled, similar to the concentration of yoga. Workout 1 emphasises creating a “girdle of strength”, spinal flexibility, and arm and shoulder toning. Workout 2 keeps working on the stabilisation muscles, and adds buttocks, legs and feet. Workout 3 combines exercises and adds complexity for co-ordination, balance and sensory awareness. At the end is a relaxation sequence. Robinson is an excellent instructor: knowledgeable, mature, patient and clear. You will need a mat, ankle weights, light dumbbells, pole, towel, tennis ball and cushion. —Joan Price