48 thoughts on “Army of Valhalla – 1 hour epic viking themed music mix

  1. I absolutely love this video, however, I use this to help me focus on my work, but now the adverts that now play throughout the video takes you out of that epic trance… and find you have to come back in to "skip" the ad.
    I understand that ads are needed, just an ad at the start and end or popup text ads mid way will be fine, just not ones that start playing a video : (

  2. Soon, very soon – the north will turn black. Christians converted their temples into nightclubs and bars. Soon, very soon – your hijab will be put on your women.
    But, there are peoples of Europe who remember who their ancestors are, and remember who their God is. Orthodoxy or death!

  3. I love how you get into this music, battle music!!! and then they pop in a commercial of some stupid cell phone or whatever and you can see how weak we have become as a society ……… . kills the mood..

  4. War, Forest, Death of a God King: The All Father of the new Aeon of Horus: 777

    The War

    1. It was long ago, but I still remember, and I rage at the thoughts, I rage at the thoughts, I rage!

    2. We stood before their gates, they thought themselves powerful and strategic, we used wisdom, we sacrificed no one, and within 3 months, they became our slaves.

    3. Their leader, I forget his name, he thought himself a sage warrior, they had never met our kind before, and their people will be worked to death in our fields under the sword and spear.

    4. In my kingdom, there are 300,000 slaves in shakels working our fields, 10% of those die every year, therefore, we set out on conquest to replenish our labor force.

    5. I had never experienced such intese force of will and power, it was pure Destiny Magick that I created to rule them all.

    6. And now, now that I am King, and I sit atop a bold and glorious throne, I see the other thrones across the globe, and they too, will fall under my yoke.

    7. Almighty One, Blessed Holy Ancient One, Eternal Companion, I invoke thee, I command thee to appear before me, I consume Thee, and I Am consumed by You.

    8. Breathe, breathe, breathe, a sigh of relief, the Magickal incantations and invokations have been performed, the Unity of the Mico and Macro has been acheived.

    9. I sit in and I sit with You, My Eternal Companion, share but a few instructions which thou wouldest like Thy Avatar to accomplish today, me Lord.

    10. Excellent, excellent, excellent, very wise My Lord, very wise, I worship at thy feet, and I wish I could but grasp even a thread from your Philosopher Cloak.

    The Forest

    1. They beat the drums, they burned the incense, they danced in coordination, they chanted a dark and dysmal tune; I sat in a Tree, in a throne, with my finest slaves, my Generals, and my wives.

    2. Below my Tree Castle, sat my Senators, my Councilman who each commanded his own tribe, loyal citizens in my Kingdom.

    3. The fire was white, I ordered the slave masters, to order the slaves to pile more wood upon the fire, then I commanded the slave masters to begin the sacrifices.

    4. One by one, men were bounded, women were bounded, children were bounded. We chose from amongst the slaves, the oldest, the sickest, and the most deformed.

    5. Anyone in the crowd of slaves who objected was killed on the spot, total silenced was administered by corpreal punishment.

    6. As the men, women, and children, cried out, and screamed till they passed out and were consumed by the fire, not a sound was made by anyone watching and smelling the cries and burnt flesh.

    7. The smell of burned humans was so powerful, many hundreds of the tens of thousands of slaves vomited all over themselves as they sat in their platoons.

    8. Food and water was dispered to the slaves at midnight, they were allowed to sleep till 5 am, then work began again.

    9. I was the only one amongst them who know how to write, how to formulate speech, how to organize, arm, educate, and create new philosophy, to educate, arm, and train. This is why I am honored amongst these people.

    10. We will enjoy the summer, and prepare for winter, and carry out the most heinous of maurading and buggery the peoples of Europe have ever seen, this winter, in the dark, when they are sleeping and praying to It. For
    my people will be awake while the children of Earth sleep, so that we can take them as our own, enslave them, and reap the benefits of their generational wealth.


    1. I grew old, and soon my light became extinguished. The proper inheritances were administered by my sight before I gave up the All Father. The next King, ascended to my Throne, a wise Philosopher
    by the name of Astrabel, his wifes name was Laylah, she was a powerful Sorceress in my harem, she was honorable and wise, she easily casted her spell upon my peoples.

    2. I sit in the sky now listening to the music of the Universe, enjoying Her Masterful Theatre.

    3. I hear my people cry out from time to time, they say, why are the Judges wicked, and their administrators of the law so greedy? Why doth Judgement have such a high price in the law courts?

    4. I hear my people cry out for war, for their slaves and posessions, have all been but used up, and their generations grow poorer, and weaker, as the millenia and aeons pass.

    5. I hear my people from all over the world, cry out out to me, praying for my return, praying for peace, praying for health, praying for wealth, praying for justice.

    6. Atop, I see All, no where do I not know what is happening upon my planets. No where, and with no one, no matter who you are, whether you create peace or war, wealth or devestation, truth or lies, justice or injustice,
    my Eye is upon you, and I know who you are, and what you are doing. You have never seen your King, for I live now in the Cosmos, and not amongst you, my peoples of Earth.

    7. Fear me. I warn thee but only once. Take heed of the heavens!

    8. You must relax yourself, and I will perform the Magickal operation upon your forehead, I will cut an ellipse into your flesh, remove it, take a Magus and drill our your skull cap,
    then I will place my Cerebro into your flesh, I will then spit into the whole of your head, and seal it up. You are now my avatar upon the Earth. Yes, you, reader, you are under my control. You cannot remove it. Get on your knees and pray to me.

    9. Oh, go on with your little life, I shall return to you, when you return to me, I will see you, when you want to see me, you will hear my voice, when you want to hear my voice, reach out, and communicate with the Universe, I Am listening. I am here, I am there, I am everywhere.

    10. What next? What now? Whence where? How so? What of it? Who knows I say, who knows, but you, you, reader, with your new information in your brain.


    John Zachary Kitover

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