BodyCross Professional Suspension Trainer with Pulley Extension Set | Exercise Poster – 10-Week Training Plan | Made in Germany

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Uses and functionality:

  • Use with a ceiling height from 1.60 to max. 2.90 m.
  • High-quality climbing pulley (black or silver).
  • Extra-long attachment loop/adaption (95 cm).
  • Extremely light and comfortable (only 700 g).
  • The suspension trainer is highly effective, ideal for all ages and is a must for every health-conscious athlete.

    The combination of body weight training, the strengthening of the lower-back muscles as well as the coordination of the individual muscle groups for balance and to counteract imbalances, makes suspension training one of the most effective training methods in the 21st century. –
    The pack includes everything you need to start your suspension training. The poster and the matching 10-week training plan (cannot guarantee this will be in English) guide you through each exercise.

    The custom-made suspension trainer handles are extra-robust and, in addition a high-intensity workout for the forearm muscles, also enable you to train and increase the sensory function during each workout.

    Awarded with the seal “Bewegte Innovation” by the University of Würzburg’s Institute for Sport Sciences. German quality.

    With the adaption (included), the suspension trainer can be attached nearly anywhere. The adaption also allows you to extend the suspension trainers by up to 95 cm. The suspension trainer is suitable for room heights from 1.60 m up to 2.90 m.
    Box contents:

  • 1x suspension trainer from the BodyCross without handles.
  • 1 x climbing pulley.
  • Carry case.
  • 10-week training plan (cannot guarantee this will be in English).
  • 1x Poster with 26 exercises (described in detail – cannot guarantee this will be in English).
  • 1x Interval training CD – Rock and Electro.Manufactured in Germany: BodyCross suspension trainers are hand-made in Berlin and Bavaria. Every single suspension trainer is hand-crafted by our professional staff and tested after manufacturing.
    High-quality materials: The tension-tested climbing rope and climbing pulley guarantee safe training and a piece of durable sports equipment. –
    Extension set: The extension kit is an expansion for those who already have handles and an attachment adaption. Our handles are also available individually, and are also included with out Sprint Trainer and Rip Trainer (TGS).
    Training: The sling trainer trains all muscle groups together and increases strength, endurance, agility and coordination. The suspension trainer is suitable for men and women, independent of performance and age.
    More options: the pulley makes the training even more intense and more diverse. –