Premium 15mm Thick NBR Yoga Exercise Mat – Fitness Aerobic Gym Pilates Camping Mat – Non Slip with Carry Strap – Black

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Please be aware of cheaper mats for sale (and indeed more expensive ones), some are made from cheap sponge foam which has very little padding. Our mats are made from NBR foam (similar to rubber) and give excellent padding. Everything you need for smart and well cushioned training, this yoga mat is especially tough to withstand jumping movements, pilates, gymnastics, aerobic and pregnancy exercises. Additionally, this mat is perfectly suited as an underlay for those noisy training devices (e.g. when living above someone). Has a high tensile strength and provides good sound and vibrational insulation. The yoga mat is an all-rounder and is the ideal companion at the beach, garden or on the terrace. SPECIFICATION :- 180x62cm 15mm thick FEATURES :- Made from A grade NBR foam – studio quality Sound insulating & vibration resistant Easy to clean Non-slip Lightweight Offering good memory, shock absorption and comfort Comes with shoulder strap Thickness: 15mmGenuine XS Sports Yoga Mat-15mm
180cm x 62cm
Made of high quality grade A NBR foam, much better that cheaper mats available.
12 month warranty