24 thoughts on “500 Calories Full Body Workout for Weight Loss – No Equipment- Total Body _ Lose Weight At Home

  1. Decent workout for those easy days in between high intensity sessions. My body appreciated the focus on mobility and range of motion and I felt pretty good afterwards.
    The camera man had hungry eyes and I wish they chose someone to demonstrate better form in case a beginner attempts this. Overall, this workout was exactly what I was looking for today.

  2. моя любимая тренировка!!! Очень правильно подобраны все упражнения. Я беру ещё гантели и потом на коврике одеваю утяжелители на ноги.

  3. Wow, I workout 6x wk and still this exercise kicked my butt. I was literally sore all over the day after, meaning it really targeted, especially the lower body, great! I have never done so many squats and lunges in my life, which is good because they are so effective. When my body heals in the next few days, I will most definitely be doing this again ; ) As always, thanks for posting such a great video!

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  5. This is a good workout, but it's really $%^&**@ annoying. The cameramen keep acting like it's a porno. This is a workout, not a porno. If I want to watch a porno I'm not going on GymRa.

  6. I LOVE your workouts but I don't do them because there are no voice-overs. I don't like having to constantly turn to look at the tv to figure out what to do. 🙁

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