23 thoughts on “Aerobics Workout for Weight Loss–Low Impact Cardio–30 min–

  1. Thanks for the workout. I did your workout for the first time and was able to do the whole thing. I have Plantar Faciitis as well as week knees and ankles and this was perfect for me. I have some weight to lose and I think your videos will be perfect for me. they are very motivating and Great Low Impact workout. 🙂

  2. Thanks Angie!!  You're incredible….I have done at least one (mostly two) of your 30minute workouts every single day since the week of Thanksgiving and have lost over 20 lbs!  Thanks for the motivation and creating awesome workouts!  You have enough in this collection to keep me going for a while.

  3. you rock!! ive lost 20 pounds this summer doing uphill walks/bike rides and working out on my elliptical (which is broken now) and now that its fall i cant be outside for walks (oregon rain), so ive been looking for great workouts on youtube for days and this video is one of THE BEST!:) with a hurt knee i didnt think i could find any good workouts but you helped me alot! 🙂 thanks so much and I will without a doubt, use the other vids you post!

  4. i love it! i started doin it on fasting days as its low impact and not exhausting so far i have tried all your vedios and they are all so good and satisfying! keep goin and posting more of these you rock! thankyou again :))

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