I'm often asked "what can I do (eat, drink, take) to burn fat?" Ho…

I'm often asked "what can I do (eat, drink, take) to burn fat?" Honestly there is no magic pill or quick fix (for healthy long term weight loss). Although the 5 steps below have been proven to help with weight loss(fat loss) and are good for general health and wellness. 1) Include a protein food source with each meal. It can be plant based or an animal protein but research has shown that many individuals get plenty of protein in their diet at 1-2 meals in the day rather than spaced out evenly throughout the day. Studies have shown that for prevention of muscle loss or to help with muscle building (muscle protein synthesis) as we workout and age, it is beneficial to space protein intake out evenly throughout the day every 3-5 hours. This will also help keep you full throughout the day or more satisfied than if you had toast, cereal, bagel or pancake alone). 2) Include a vegetable or fruit with each meal or snack (or most when possible). Vegetables and fruits provide fiber, vitamins/minerals and fluid! All beneficial for helping with weight loss and general health. 3) Plan ahead and space out meals every 3-5 hours. If your an athlete getting in 2 a day workouts you can work this around your schedule so you can avoid foods you can not tolerate right before intense training. It's okay if you do not cook:) you can take bars, shakes, prepared food, pick up food or have a sandwich. It's whatever works for you. If you are skipping meals now and only eating 1-2 meals a day(and not seeing results or feeling sluggish, try this). 4) Drink water and hydrate all throughout the day. Water aids in digestion, improves sports performance and can help prevent overeating. 5) Last but definitely not least important, is to get moving! If you are at a desk, take a break and walk around! Play outside with your kids or dogs, bike ride, jog dance, anything to get you moving. Also, strength training is very important as well with aiming to lose body fat and maintaining or gaining lean mass as we age. . If someone is trying to sell you a pill or juice that they claim will "burn fat" ask yourself: is it safe? Effective? Worth it$$? Will it help me maintain/gain lean mass & be healthy?

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