15 thoughts on “30 Minute Upper Body STRENGTH ONLY! | Lean Muscle Building Workout

  1. Good morning Kat! I just did this workout at 6:15am! Oh how I love upper body strength training! I used 15, 10, and 8 lb dumbbells, the highest I can for each move while maintaining good form! BURNING BURNING BURNING! Love doing all the pushup and plank moves too! THis was a great upper body burning workout! Thank you so much again Kat! Have a great day!

  2. Hey! I have a question? So my fitness goal is to be lean, but gain more muscle. Any advice for how I should workout for the week? And how often I should be doing cardio or weight training to gain more muscle? 🙂

  3. you always seem to upload videos i reallyyy need XD will try this tomorrowwwww. i would really like to have more barbell videos kat~ took some tips from your barbell workouts and its my first time going to the gym in a long time(my home is my gym lol)+(my uni have this very cooool sport center) anddddd i tried lifting barbells for the first time! >~< i tried squats and deadlifts + barbell thrusts (one hell of a leg day) ive used 25 and 20 for each rep. i feel so strong i wanted to lift more but its my first time and i dont want injuries, baby steps first :))))) anywayyyy thanks for another amazing video and girrrrllll this bra is goooaallsss, wish i can rock it but the upper section cant have no more….hehe

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