16 thoughts on “45 Min. STRONGER: Legs Toning & Glutes Burning Workout | HIIT/STRONGER 03: Day 23

  1. Loved this workout. Definitely challenging but I loved every minute. Hard to get bored when you don't do the same exercise twice. You're awesome. I also like that you show what you eat in a day. I try to keep it plant-based myself so this is definitely helpful. 🙂

  2. I've been doing your workouts (recommended by a friend) and I'm sold! I haven't done them in order for the challenge, I just pick a body part and a time limit and go for it! I did this one yesterday and it really killed, death by Hoy 100%. Love the burn, and there were some seemingly simple moves that targeted muscles I didn't even know I had! Love your videos, the calorie counter, the "up next" video clip and title, the stretches at the end, and the timers. Keep posting and I'll keep working! 🙂

  3. Hi Millionaire Hoy! I caught up to do this one today! I love the mat work in the 2nd half! I noticed, after move #22, the label on the upper right for the 10 sec rest break (and for the remainder breaks) shows 'MISSING'. But we know what you mean… REST! 😉 Great workout and sweated big time! THX so much!

  4. Definitely u r brilliant person and trainer u know exactly what u do ..that what makes u the best … Targeting these muscles and the combination of these moves u rock and it is awesome workout and hurt a lot :-$ @millhoy

  5. That was so awesome and crazyyy ! Sore butt and legs, as usual when I do your workouts ! Thanks for everything you do, you keep me motivated even when I have a long day of school ! Never felt so good and proud about myself :)Love from France !

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