21 thoughts on “HIIT Workout – HIIT Cardio Workout – Blast Fat – HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

  1. the Best about you, is not all the great moves you put together ..is the way you get me in to it,you keep talking all the time,but you don't talk nonsense ,on the contrary I love the fact that you clearly explain every single move,and on top oficina all that I can tell that you are a great human been,greetings from México

  2. Thanks to you Julia! I've been working out with you for about 4 months 1or2 workouts, 4 days a week and I am seeing and feeling many changes. Evidence of toning and firming! Woo! Your choreography is just genius!

  3. worked late tonight, & was on the fence about working out until i saw this…julia's positive energy & crazy/fun/challenging exercises proved irresistible – julia, you thoroughly kicked my butt, i loved each exercises – i really liked that each had some sort "explosive" element, but it was still sustainable for the 50s interval! i feel 20X better than i did 20m ago! gymra, thanks for the influx of julia workouts lately – please keep them coming!!!

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