15 thoughts on “40 Min. STRONGER: Dumbbell Legs DESTRUCTION!!! | HIIT/STRONGER 02: Day 12

  1. my knees were screaming. ..as was the rest of my leg…good job. can we have some legs moves that don't have as many squats…my knees…lol…LOVED IT THOUGH. .U ROCKED IT..as usual

  2. My boy, don't ever stop making these videos, they are what I look forward to every morning. I love that you are right there doing every single move with me. Keep up the amazing catalog of videos, love all that you do, grateful that you take the time to make all of these for us!

  3. I want to share with u some progress I modified iso stand up and did pistol squat with weight what I mean I did it all the way down to floor and then stand up without chair and I am so happy to do it with weights year a go I wouldn't even do it all because of u r workout and how I get stronger because of u ..Thank u so much @millhoy

  4. Ok Mill, you know I like you, I really do…but pick up squats at the end of the workout?! I became a bit suspicious when I didn´t see any of these during the first moves…then during the second half I became very suspicious :))
    But I have to say – this was yur best lower body workout ever!

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