73 Exercise Movements for Total Gym®: Total Gym® Exercise Chart

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There are over 70 different exercises included in this guide. And they’re all explained in full detail.
How it works:
The Total Gym® uses a variable-angle incline plane to create exercise resistance by modifying the user’s body weight — the steeper the angle, the more resistance. Simply multiply the user’s body weight by the appropriate percentage indicated in the chart.
Total Gym® provides an entire gym full of equipment in just one machine.
It is great for anyone – ages 8 to 80, novice to expert – trying to lose weight and stay in shape. Best of all, it simply takes 10-20 minutes a day to reshape your body into the body you’ve always wanted.
He makes to anyone who wants to build muscle, burn fat, see weight loss, boost cardio endurance, and increase overall fitness.
Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have endorsed the Total Gym® on television for over 15 years.