35 thoughts on “30 Minute Total Body Strength Training Full Workout with Dumbbells for All Levels

  1. I noticed on some of your newer workouts you have shared which activity level on My Fitness Pal we can use to track the calorie burn for the workout. I know you have a TON of workouts, but it would be super helpful if you could update those in the comments. Thanks for being the best workout buddy I ever had!

  2. I started this challenge seven days ago now. Thank you! It is great! On top of using my elliptical for 30 minutes before starting this challenge (going into week four) I've already seen a difference in my body! Thank you so much. And with a little modification this has been great for my knees. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I knew I had done this workout before, but couldn't really remember it. I think that's a mental self-defense trick—my mind blocks out the pain so I'll forget how hard it was and do it again. Anyway, I have been feeling for a while that it was time to move up to heavier weights for some moves, so today was the day. For about half of the "heavy weight" exercises, I used my 15# weights (I really need to get some 10# weights), and for half I used my 8# weights. For the "light weight" moves, I used my 5# weights mostly, dropping down to 3# for some of the overhead presses when my shoulders and neck started cramping. As to remembering this workout, the memories started rushing back when it was time to do the tricep dips! Oh, yes! That's an area that needs some work. Jessica, you make working out with weights fun! Loved this workout today!

  4. Jessica Smith is, by far, one of the best fitness teachers…. period. Her style of teaching, her 'real' down-to-earth demeanor, her clarity for correct form….and let's not forget Peanut! 🙂 I have told so many people about her and they have become fans, as well. Thank you Jessica! You are appreciated!

  5. I have a question. By the time we get to the chair dips in this routine, by triceps are shot. Is there a substitute move for my core/abs that I can do during this set. Will sitting on the edge of the chair and alternately lifting my knees work?

  6. Jessica, I've been doing your workouts for over a year…mostly abs, legs, some strenth training. This is the hardest workout I've done! But, I'm loving the challenge!! Just wanted to say thank you for all of your workouts! I love following you!

  7. Thanks Jessica. Your videos are really great. I'm using them to get my fitness levels back to a level that I'm happy with and to shed a few pounds before I have to be a bridesmaid at Christmas.

  8. This was a great strength workout to do after my stepping – not too long and very instructional. I like how it can be adapted any time by just using heavier or lighter weights according to my strength and energy levels. Thank you JessicaSTV 🙂

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