7 thoughts on “Cambridge Weight Plan Story

  1. Another Cracker of a video Ollie. Well done to that person for sending that email. I think Cambridge have missed a trick with not getting you on board early on but it’s thier loss, you are just going from strength to strength xx ✌🏼

  2. Fab video Ollie! Convention was the nail in the coffin for me. It proved everything I thought about it all, but was trying to ignore, right. Hence why I took myself completely away from CWP and out the bubble not long after. I actually debated not going convention at one point, but I felt I'd be letting too many ppl down that wanted to meet me there if I didn't go. It did open my eyes massively though and you're right you wouldn't have fitted in with what they want. I didn't either, and I'm so glad everything went the way it did in the end cos if I had have been shortlisted, I'd have basically been stuck in that bubble for at least another year. Yeah they have my story which according to t&c's they can use, edit etc BUT I doubt they will, and even if they do, the true version of my story is on here anyway. At least now I can just get on with things how I want to. Haven't quite worked out what I'm going to do still yet, but I know in the new year I'll be back vlogging properly and completing my body transformation one way or another. May have lost my way a little with everything recently but I refuse to go back to the 21st 6lb kim I was at the beginning of this year. x

  3. Well bloody said!!! It's because of you that I'm about to start Exante. I was off and on CWP for years and got sick of the cost, the lack of flavour choices, the up and down weight loss, the shitty packaging that spilt half of the product when opened, and the fake ass care from my consultant. I start Exante properly on 2nd Jan with 3 stone to lose and will keep watching your content to keep me motivated. Keep up the good work and for keeping shit real!!!

  4. I bloody love the coffee ones lol
    Great video. 100% behind you on following the plan completely. I'm 6 stone down and not had a single day 'off plan' since June. There should be no off plan. Just retraining your brain and body.
    Can't wait to start reverse dieting
    Love your content x

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