41 thoughts on “5K with a Twist! 3 1 Mile Walk at Home!

  1. I started this walk at home videos with Leslie and lost 3 lbs in a week. Thank you for the inspiration I am now doing 10 km a day. Thank you again .Love your videos

  2. I really like this workout because I don't feel tired after those exercises , I reeeeally love it and you made me motivated in all the video , thank you very much 💪💪

  3. OOOh, yeeessss! I have decided to make this my routine workout, especially on those cold mornings when my body refuses to get out of the house. Have done it for a week now and my bum is toned up a lot. no more flabs!! thank you Leslie. greetings from Kenya!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I started with the one mile happy walk and doing that and then 2 miles and now the three . . . been doing these for nearly two months and feeling stronger and healthier at 67 and out of shape.

  5. Ive been doing this workout 3 times everyday with a healthy 1,000 calorie for only one week and I have already lost 5 1/2 pounds. I used to weigh 235 now 230, my goal for this month is 215 and I'm super happy I don't have to go anywhere cuz I do this in my room lol

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