Low impact – high intensity 35 minutes Fat Burn Work Out

Great 35 min cardio video including warm up, fat burning, abdominal exercise cool down and stretches ! Low impact – high intensity ! TRY IT AND COMMENT …


28 thoughts on “Low impact – high intensity 35 minutes Fat Burn Work Out

  1. Thank you for this work out. It helped me develop a sustainable routine. I worked up to using it 15 min a day, 6 days a week for the last 20 weeks. I like the pacing and the dynamic stretching. Thank you much.

  2. Thank you for offering low impact workouts that are not geared for beginners! It's so hard to find this type of workout. I am a seasoned exerciser of many years but no I need low impact as I get older but I want high intensity. More please!

  3. This is great….also a great warm up before I work out my arms. Then, I work out my arms with dumb bells & come back & finish your workout. PLUS, you saved my damaged knees.  Bouncing around like a banshee does necessarily get you in shape faster, especially for those just starting to workout, you can hurt yourself.  This video is excellent for warming up & you do fire up your cardio.  Thank you for taking the time to make this video.    PS You have a lovely smile.

  4. I like that the floor work is at the end! I hate videos that put it in the middle, which has gotten very popular. How am I supposed to look at the video if I constantly need to change position? >:P And for everyone reading this, except for panting slightly, this is a super quiet workout! 🙂 Room/flat/house mate friendly.

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