2 thoughts on “30 Min Intense Abs Workout Low Impact Core Workout For a Flat Stomach Class: 1 workout a day

  1. Hey lovely People! I'm baaack from a short work trip 😉 I normally release 1 workout a day… but I don't really have a laptop to bring with me on the road, so there's been a couple of days where I've not been able to upload new training videos. This workout is kind of different from my usual workout routines, because it doesn't include any cardio/jumping. It's a low impact bodyweight Abs CORE workout. Pretty intense, focusing on your abs only. You can do this workout when you want a break from your cardio or combine it with another of my cardio workouts. Try it out, it's intense for your core and super fun! Enjoy, please like and share this workout with your friends and family 🙂 Thanks for training with me, lots of LOVE xoxo June

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