35 thoughts on “STRONGER Month 1 Strength Workout: IRON

  1. I hate the last one of the exercises xd I can't do that with my whole open hands laying on the ground 'cause my butt is too big I guess and I'm done sitting on the mat and gettin' more and more angry every time xddd what am I supposed to do?

  2. This is a good moderate workout but I think he is a bit too centered in all his coments about doing the workout to "burn calories." Whilst moderate strength workouts like these are great for building muscle and this can help you maintain weight, in the moment in the workout you are not going to burn that many calories. Just a rough guess but i feel like i burnt like 175 or something like that. Even afterwars I dont feel that the muscles were stressed that much so as to burn lots more calories whilst healing. Burning calories in these types of workout should not be the goal, it should be building muscle and doing exercise to improve your health and to feel good. If calorie burn was really your only goal (in which case it would be a lot easier and more efficient to just eat a little less), you would be much better off doing high intensity interval training, which can burn 300 plus calories in thirty minutes and then continue burning them in the after effect as well.

  3. these workouts are Amazing! I've started fire yesterday and I had sweat all over my body. He's a great trainer. Gotta keep it up for 2 months and see my results. already lost half a lb. in one day im also biking in the morning added to the daily workouts

  4. Hi. Yesterday I did the first workout (the fire HIIT) and I love it. But can someone tell me which workouts is for which days and when to rest? I am doing this for 2 months as recommended 🙂 I guess this is nr 2?

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