21 thoughts on “Yoga Workout Challenge 2017 ♥ Better Than The Gym

  1. I love this challenge!! but I got a cold and had to make a break for two days. Is it better to restart the whole challenge or can I just keep going?

  2. I have been doing yoga for a while now on and off.It took some researching to find a at home or on the go yoga vids that gets me inspired and motivated. Boho beautiful is the only one I do now on youtube. Its really about the setting, the tone, person and boho beautiful has all and more to keep me focused and inspired. My poses are not as advanced as I like them to be but its all about time and training I Like that she reminds us  to be where we are and keep going. Thanks BB.

  3. 30 Days Pilates-Challenge – enjoy !


    Detailed instructions from the Pilates professional, also suitable for absolute beginners
    Over 20 hours of video footage
    Step by step built exercises
    PDFs with photos and descriptions of the exercises for each video

  4. Great Yoga with great energy with such beauty in awesome places ! For me as a former dancer, I finally found the perfect yoga training to get inspired ! Thanks a lot !!!

  5. Love your videos and looking forward to the challange 🙂 I was wondering if it's best to do the 2 videos a day one after the other or in two separate moments of the day. Any recommandation?

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