New Powerspin Evo Arm, Tricep & Shoulder Workout, Abdominal Home Exerciser & Bingo Wings Exerciser – Rapidly Builds Toned Arms, Abs and Shoulders Through Isometric Exercise

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Introducing Powerspin EVO, the fun new way to fantastic arms and abs. Simply spin – anyone, anywhere, anytime. Powerspin EVO is an ingeniously simple device which features six easy to master exercises you can do almost anywhere (check out the individual exercises in the videos above). In just a few short minutes you’ll work your wrists, your arms, your shoulders and your abs. And because it’s isometric, Powerspin EVO works much faster than traditional exercise so you’re guaranteed to feel the burn in under 60 seconds, regardless of your fitness level. Your fitness decision has never been more simple; it can build muscle – it can tone arms – it can rehabilitate. It simply depends on what you want it to do and just how fast you spin. Give your arms, shoulders and abs a serious workout with Powerspin EVO, the ultimate bingo wing buster for women. You’ll feel the burn in under 60 seconds. Powerspin EVO is great fun to use, small, light and fits anywhere so you can grab it and spin at home, at work or any place in between, allowing you a quick exercise session for the entire upper body without even having to change your clothes. Always there, always simple to pick up, Powerspin EVO gives you the results you’re looking Box Contains: Powerspin & 6 Minute Workout DVD Further Details: Pick up Powerspin EVO and suddenly it’s clear. It’s a Cyclone, Hurricane and Typhoon all wrapped up in one unique device. How fast can you spin it? (a specially coated steel ball rolling around inside a smooth tube – simple, right?) WRONG! Powerspin EVO is fast & fun – a ruthlessly efficient exercise product that can leave you bewildered and holding your arms, grasping your shoulders and hugging your chest with tight muscle burn in less than 60 seconds if you spin it fast enough.Your fitness decision has never been more simple; it can build muscle. It can tone arms. It can rehabilitate. It simply depends on what you want it to do and just HOW FAST YOU SPIN!Powerful, efficient upper body & arm exerciser which rapidly tones or builds muscle depending on the spin speed of the internal steel ball
Utilises isometric resistance to quickly engage a higher percentage of muscle fiber compared to regular isotonic free weight training
Small, light and portable fitness product can be used as a home exerciser, in the office or as an efficient pre-sports warm up accessory
Produces visible, measurable results within a 30 day time frame for both male and female users, regardless of current fitness levels
Develops 100% non-impact resistance which may be used to rehabilitate elbow RSI, upper arm and shoulder impingement injuries through enhanced blood flow and tendon strengthening