34 thoughts on “HIIT Workout : Cardio HIIT Workout : HIIT Training for Fat Loss : HIIT Workout and Strength Workout

  1. i love the format of this workout…agree w/ others that the last portion of each circuit combining all the moves is definitely a challenge – i had to pause the video a few times to switch to lighter weights in order to keep up & to get the flow/moves down – but once it "clicked", it felt great b/c i felt like i was challenging my mind & body in a new way. the hiit cardio portions were crazy INTENSE!!! always so excited to see new julia workouts, i know i can always rely on her for innovative & challenging workouts!

  2. hello , i'm 17 and i'm only 1m60 , i'm too short which makes me fat by gaining just some weight . is it possible to get taller at this age as a female with some exercices ? by the way ur videos are so motivating thank u

  3. Don't much care for this one. Moving too fast to keep good form. Also the squat move w/the lateral raise puts a strain on even my back–and I don't have back problems

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