19 thoughts on “60 Minute Full Body Strength Workout + 4 Muscle Burnouts | 30 Day Lean Muscle Challenge | Day 23

  1. Thank you so much sweet heart ! Unable to go to the sports room today, thanks to your vidéo i din't skiped my training… also I may felt in love we live too from each other. Kisses from Paris anyway, bye !

  2. the best strength workout what i 've made until this day, seriously!!! just thought to do an strength workout and didnt think at all will be sweated like this after this one!!! hard one truly!! thanks Kat!!!love ur work sooo much

  3. Today was my day off from work so I did this workout after Mill's leg workout on sweat stream. Legs aren't that happy now 😀 Although I'm probably one of the few women who rather trains upper than lower body. I don't know why but I love flexing those biceps. Maybe totally manly but I don't care 😀 Kat this was a perfect full body workout and I lovehate the burnouts 😉 You're too awesome!

  4. Awe, no weather report today! Haha, I enjoy those. Because I never get to experience real seasons where I am. Anywhooo, awesome workout, I was definitely cursing like a sailor. Thanks!!!

  5. Agreed with +Kristin Ritter- best workout yet! That Booty Burnout had me grunting! Haha! Loved the Biceps/Triceps/Shoulder burnout the most probably, but hard to pick! I loved this format too!

  6. Hmmm… I know I've said this but…. This might be the very best full body workout ever!! Burning sensation in every muscle of my body! Awesome! Love it!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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