36 thoughts on “30 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout for Strength Training and Fat Loss – At Home Kettlebells Routine

  1. love all your videos !!!!! after 3rd baby and living close to wild wings for the past year i have gained 20 lbs lol but doing a mix of about 6 of your workout atleast 30 mins 5 days a week along with eating a macro nutrient diet, only want to lose about 5 more lbs around my tummy. (started this a month and a half ago) super happy with my results xo much love !!! thankx for the videos.

  2. What I love about kettlebell-workouts is that I can do hard-core workouts like these with a lighter weight and slowly build up. Started with 8kg but man, I ended up with 4kg and was breathing just as hard! Just gotten into this channel, and I'm really loving all the different kinds of workouts!

  3. by far the best kettlebell workout I've tried. No repeats! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Keep the kettlebell coming!! You seem to be good at finding fresh new moves that get the job done, but work for a someone who isnt trying to "compete". PEACE!

  4. Thanks once again my man. Sweaty as hell. Working through every barrier. Fist bumping everybody who did this. Body burning through the pit. Thanks once again Hoy. 👊🏻

  5. It's amazing that you offer all of these wonderful workouts for free. Just discovered you today and immediately subscribed after doing your 20 min HIIT workout. You're dope! Thank you!

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