The DAILY 30: The Quick Everyday Bodyweight Workout! (An Exercise Routine for children, teen, men, women, and aging)

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Have you been looking for the perfect Bodyweight Workout Routine?

Ask yourself…when is the last time you did something every day to work towards your goals? Most people will say “never” and that is why so many people never accomplish what they set out to do! The fact is if you want to achieve something you have to work towards it every single day! Even if you do something as little as spending a few minutes minutes each day to improve your body, you will achieve success!

If you want to learn how to move better, prevent injury, improve your daily movement patterns, build lean muscle, and get stronger, then this was made for YOU!

Just remember, doing this routine once per day is just the “minimum requirement” for benefits. If you truly want to succeed, or just need a quick workout routine, then we recommend you push yourself to do it multiple times as part of a simple, yet very effective, full body workout routine!

And it really works!

Whether you are a Power Lifter (as I am), a child, a stay at home parent, a desk bound employee, or are just too busy to maintain a regular workout schedule, this is for YOU!

EVERYONE needs to move more and move correctly!

Even if you have an injury and are rehabilitating from it, this is for YOU! There is a modified version for those that are unable to perform the standard workout variation.

The Daily 30 is known to be the Basis of How to Move Properly, teaching anyone the importance of bodyweight form correction, that will improve your everyday movements, as well as strength while under a load. Learn how to perform these 3 simple exercises, practice them daily, and you will see the improvement in your strength, as well as how you feel.

By performing these movements on a daily basis you will improve your lifting technique and be more adapt to preventing injury. Everyone needs to move more and everyone can improve their strength. Let this powerful eBook be your guide to getting stronger!

“The Daily 30 has honestly Changed My World, and continues to do so, each and every day!”

This eBook takes you step by step on how to perform the Daily 30, with detailed descriptions and pictures! We also take you through the purpose of each exercise along with the benefits you can expect.


  • Learn how to move properly for STRENGTH!
  • Increase your performance & body function!
  • Gain benefits in as little as 2 minutes a day!
  • Become dedicated to your Health & Fitness!
  • Learn everything you need to know about basic human movement!
  • 12+ Pages of detailed content with pictures!
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About The Daily 30:
The Daily 30 is a short and simple bodyweight exercise routine. These exercises are to be done at least once each and every day to teach your body to move safely while using proper movement patterns. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete one series, when done properly, and will have an invaluable amount of benefits if completed consistently over time. Details are inside!

Take the Daily 30 Challenge!!!

I challenge you to better yourself by doing the Daily 30 at least once everyday, for 30 days.
Take photos on of your first day, doing each of the motions. Then take photos from the same angle on the 30th day to see how much you have improved! Finally, write about your experience and submit it along with all of your before and after photos to, and you could be featured on the Facebook page!