7 thoughts on “* LOWER BODY + CARDIO High-Low HIIT Home Workout for Legs and Butt

  1. I modified from start to finish as that's what my sick ankle allowed. Don't know if/when I'll be able to do otherwise. Still got the lower body focus I needed though. Thank you.

  2. Not quite sure how I missed this one in round two….HOWEVER….did not feel like much of a "killer" b today. That plank in the second series was brutal. 90 seconds seemed like forever. WOW! I did the child's pose often throughout that one….BUT, day 3 of week 7/14 ROUND TWO….even if feeling like "wimpy" b…still did it the best I could. FOREVER GRATEFUl!

  3. this will burn  and those balance exercises u do in so many workouts are paying off im so much better in keeping my form i feel it i my core much more than two months ago. Progress

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