31 thoughts on “Yoga for Strength – Strength Building Yoga Poses – Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

  1. I recently discovered this workout and love it. I'm a runner and do yoga just to ensure I work out other parts of my body and get a good stretch in. My one pet peeve with yoga is I don't always feel I "worked out" when I do it. This yoga workout is great–I am usually sweating within the first five minutes and feel I am thoroughly working out the rest of my body while getting a good stretch. By far my favorite yoga video at the moment!

  2. Whew … those downward dogs just about killed me. LOL. Maybe a bit too many of those?? (If you're doing a downward dog correct, and pushing the ground away from your hands and feet, it's tough so that 30 times haha). As well, I found that it was not an even practice on the left and right side. I ended up working my right side much more than my left (I countered after the practice). I don't know if that was just lack of instruction or if it really was unequal?
    As well, I've read the other comments and your response that you've modified for future videos, so I won't sound like a broken record about speed and guidance. I found it frustrating. I'm just wondering if your newer videos are all as fast? While some may enjoy a faster pace, that is not true Yoga. You need time, even if just a little bit, in each pose to assess your body and how it's feeling. That is entire concept of Yoga. I don't mean to sound unappreciative, it was a good fiery flow alright. I was sweating and my legs feel great! 😊 Do you have new yoga vids that address this? 😘

  3. Excellent workout. Well done! ….and to all those here complaining about the verbal instructions, just watch this workout 2-3 times, and you'll know what's next, and you won't have to guess. 🙂

  4. I didn't know that I am good at yoga and more, that I really enjoy doing it if it is a routine like this one posted. I used to be very elastic as a child and I still maintained some routine exercises for elasticity. I was very happy to do this routine (excepting the head standing). Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Definitely wouldn't consider this 'advanced'…more of a demo versus a class you can do online at home (you really have to keep your eye on the screen versus just being able to listen to verbal instruction).

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