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  1. I love that you cater for all fitness levels and love that you forgot the knee up part, as your only human. I did have a little chuckle though 👓 🤔😂😂😂. Loved it!, will start with this one first and build up.

  2. So people say they will update but they don’t…
    DAY UNO:
    Call an ambulance
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    No ambulances were needed

  3. I am just wondering, i have a rotating cuff tendonitis on my right shoulder, was wondering if I could still try doing this HIIT for beginners. I wanted to loose my pregnancy weight, since it's been four years haha!

  4. I've been doing this workout regularly for about 4 months with some excellent results. Just what I needed. However, to not forget the high knee exercise, I repeat watch the first round over and over and have to keep track of how many rounds I've done. I would VERY MUCH appreciate if Joe could film this again without missing the one exercise out after the 1st round. THANK YOU!

  5. LOL! "ultimate" beginner HIIT Workout!? Listen people, if you ARE a beginner, take everything he does and do it 1/10th of his speed if not you won't ever want to do this again! (Read the comments of others for proof). HIIT, by its very nature, is HAAAARD, but you don't have to kill yourself at first in order to achieve greatness. If you find yourself gasping for air after the first 2 exercises, RECOVER, REEVALUATE YOUR INTENSITY, AND TONE IT DOWN. That way you'll enjoy it (for real) and will be able to do another one in 3 days time.

    Take. It. Easy. 😉

  6. This is great! thank you for going through everything in detail and in real time! I'll use this video on a tablet while I workout so I can see everything and not be worried about timers or forgetting anything. being a beginner can make this daunting so I appreciate your effort!!

  7. this thing kicked mu butt! exactly what i was looking for to get me started towards working out regularly and overall improving my health. thanks for posting this video!!

  8. I'm not a beginner, but starting again after a long break – great routine for that purpose as well! As the video is aimed for beginners, I think there are two things you need to point out. That weight has to be on the backfoot for squat so the knees doesn't come more forward than the toes, and when your head tells you you can't do more, then just do 2-3 seconds more because your body can do more than your mind wants you to think.

  9. The problem I have is an ongoing knee injury. Most of the time, I'm fine, but kneeling down or squatting is incredibly painful. Any alternatives to this?

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