27 thoughts on “HIIT Workout – TABATA Workout – Fat Burning HIIT Workout- HIIT Cardio Workout : Blast Fat Fast

  1. Is this enough cardio per workout? I usually pair these with some strength like abs with dumbbells or a pilates leg workout, but should I do more cardio?

  2. Julia obrigada por mais um treino maravilhoooooso, malho com você todos os dias, consigo te acompanhar, você inspira e tem uma energia gostosa que contagia e incentiva a cada dia sermos ou tentarmos ser melhor, thank you, love seus treinos, bjm.

  3. Thank you for all the workouts, helped me get a 6 pack for the first time ever!

    side note: your background song in the beginning has the same beat as "Oreomilkshake" by Yung Lean hahahah

  4. This workout is INSANE!!! So BRUTALLY HARD but at least it is done and over with before you know it…thank heaven for the short 25 minutes otherwise I would have surely died…LOL! THANK YOU JULIA!

  5. been a little unmotivated with workouts last week – but was pumped to see a new julia workout last night, just what i needed to kick start my sunday! i'm a sweaty mess now, that was intense & of course w/ all the creative butt-kicking moves only julia can deliver! thank you!

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