44 thoughts on “60 Minute Fat Burning Beginners Cardio HIIT Home Workout – Easy High Intensity Interval Training

  1. I'm a little bit disappointed because i only lasted 15 mins, but i'll come here everyday and i know in no time i'll finish the whole 60.
    Don't judge i'm obese and i'm actually doing my best xx

  2. I did the first 20 minutes then sat for 5 than the next 20 sat for 5 and finished off next week I’m gonna try to do 30 than 5 than 30 I’m obese and I need to loose weight I’m 180 pounds at 13 years old and only 5 foot 4

  3. I have tried workouts online before and none of them was as good as this you are also so motivational it’s like ridiculous you got me saying you got this and next thing I know it’s over

  4. I just completed this workout and I'm so happy with the way I feel! Physically and emotionally!! My body is currently thanking me while I'm typing this thanking you. I appreciate this so much. Lots of love from WA 🌲💗

  5. Thanks much. Truly appreciated. Started off about two weeks ago and I am already being able to follow through most of the exercises, which means there is some improvement already. Thanks for th effort and for the motivation. Keep it up 😀

  6. Got to 48 minutes just couldn't make it those extra 12 minutes. But seriously as someone who is seriously over weight and is used to walking on a treadmill, I loved this workout and the layout of your videos when I just physically couldn't do a move (full body push ups) the modifications were great. Also so glad this is an at home workout cause my jabs are atrocious defs have to work on those. But thank you!! definitely going to keep coming back to this. Now excuse me whilst I collapse onto my nice comfy bed.

  7. Hi Millionaire Hoy.. First of all I think what you do is awesome.
    Thank you so much for your workouts. I normally just watch them but have hardly done them lol. I actualy want to start doing them because I wan to lose some fat :(. I was going to the gym and instead of losing I gained fat. I started to eat more protein and noticed a huge weight gain. I am transitioning to a vegan lifestye. I am doing it for the animals and for my health. I am very confused because many people say you gain weight if you eat too many carbs since being vegan is mainly carbs but I have watched documentaries that carbs do not make you fat but processed foods do. I am very lost and depressed. How many times a week should I do this workout or your workouts to start seeing results? what do you think about the carb confusion? I am sorry if I am bombarding you with many questions I am just frustrated. God Bless you ! bTW I want to lose about 25 pounds I am currently 165 and would like to be 140.

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