26 thoughts on “60 Min. Cardio & Abs Full Body Workout | Xtreme HIIT 60 Day 02

  1. I have some kind of eating disorder that I always eat too much, but I workout EVERYDAY to keep fit. love your long workouts, really need these kind of challenges to burn out more calories. Thanks a lot. You are awesome.

  2. LOVE to hear that you dont do protein shakes! Theres a huge misconception that if you're working out you need massive amounts of protein in the form of processed powders, but theres nothing you can't get from REAL food, i.e. whole plant based vegan sources of protein/carbs/fat.

  3. cannon balls??!! Brutal. I don't even cannon ball into water lol Great work out. I was following your other work outs but I had to take a break after 4-5 days because the hiit is a bit much on my joints. I would do a strength only work out when I feel it in my joints. But I love the results xxoo

  4. It is a really jarring combo exercise, I did half of it the rest I used the physioball to do some milder exercise…it is really good for those who don't really have a jarring problem on their back and neck I guess

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