32 thoughts on “Beginners Yoga Meltdown for Detox & Weight Loss Workout #3, Fat Burning Routine

  1. Even though I consider myself intermediate, I enjoy your videos because the slower pace with the extra instruction forces me to concentrate on my poses and breathing more. I love your videos.

  2. I've recently discovered Erica and she's the best. I gave up on yoga because of lower back issues but her explaining every move for proper posture has meant that I can practice yoga safely again and I'm already toning up and feeling relaxed – thank you Erica!

  3. My buddy informed me about a diet regime โ€œfetching tuti spaceโ€ (Google it) and how he dropped 14 pounds through it! I`ve tried using other weight loss diet plans with no sustainable outcomes. But, with this one, the extra weight just is removed.

  4. on my husband's account..I LOVE your routines and I have already lost 40lb simply from eating right and doing these workouts..Also kind of partial to your roots as I am also from upstate NY and my family currently resides here!!!

  5. Hi Erica from Jordan Middel East.. I love ur videos.. I finished the first 4 parts and started this one today.. U r one of the best instructers coz u give the move so clear and u give modfications for beginners.. The best about ur videos is that u give what we exactly supposed to feel and how to stay in contact with our bodies.. I started with u last september and so far I lost 3 kilos but ppl think I lost 10 kilos coz I have a great body shape.. thx to u and pls try to post something to stretch waist and belly for mothers..
    love u soooooo much..

  6. I love this video, first thing in the morning such a great way to open your mind and body to prepare for the day! I find yoga a fantastic workout and as a mother of two a bit of treat for my body and mind! I am now a TOTAL yoga-holic and can be found stretching and working on my pose postures throughout my days ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Erica and the other awesome videos from Psyche truth!!

  7. Hi Erica I love your yoga videos, I don't even have to watch you because you are so very clear on your instruction. I have just started my yoga instruction and am learning a great deal from you. Thank you!
    Namaste Kelly

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