1. I love that we can go to YouTube and find motivational people like Lucy. You can tell she cares and is very sincere when she says she wants to help you get in shape! THANK YOU, LUCY!

  2. Lucy, I've probably done this video 5+ times and I keep coming back to it! I do high knees or jumping jacks instead of walking to up the intensity. I love these longer workouts for late nights when I can't get to the gym. Thanks!

  3. This was amazing, I'm almost 68 and love working out. I like that I don't have to be on the floor and still get all the benefits. I can't believe you have been doing this for 25 years because you look like you are 25. I'm going to go through all your video's and see what will work best for me, especially the clean eating….Thanks again.

  4. I hate exercising but love this…..low impact is perfect and being able to do these standing is great . Also love that lucy isnt preachy . Do a few but the walk and tone is my favourite

  5. Oh. My. God. This one was tough Lucy. Sweat is dripping of my head hahaha. Haven’t done a workout in 13 days because of super low energy and other stuff. But had the motivation again today and this one was tough. Not jumping and super high intensity but totally sweating like a pig. How can you stay so beautiful and nog sweaty hair when the workout is over lol?!?! Omg. Feel so ugly now

  6. Hi Lucy,
    You made me think about working out and getting healthy. My work demands lot of seating at one place.. straight for 10 to 13 hrs.. and so have a belly fat with excess weight of 10 kgs
    Can you please make a vedio on excercise to do during breaks of work + overall one month plan ( morning excercise)
    .. desperately seeking your help
    Thank You

  7. I'm recovering from chemo (and am not a young pup). Modified a little, this routine is great! It goes quickly enough, and you don't get bored or overly exhausted. I don't kick quite so high, but at least I feel like I'm doing something helpful for my body during this period.

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