ResultSport Bosu Core Workout Air Dome/Balance Trainer (Home Edition) with Toning Tubes, Handy Pump and Wall Chart

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The ResultSport® Air Dome is the perfect training device for improving multiple components of fitness, including balance, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and many more.

It’s highly versatile, unique design means it can be used for almost all exercises that are normally performed on the floor or on an aerobic step, e.g. sit ups, planks, lunges, squats, step ups, press ups and weight exercises.

It also comes with attachable toning tubes that are a great way of exercising the arm muscles.

Whatever exercises you want to use the dome for, the instability of its design increases the difficulty and intensity of the exercise so you will start to see results quicker. You will also see greater increases in balance and core stability.

The dome offers the benefits of a gym ball and a wobble board as it can be used both ways up. When the dome side faces up the device will be stable on the ground but with an unstable surface and when the dome faces down it is very unstable and makes the exercise more challenging. Therefore the difficulty of the exercise can be changed to suit a variety of users, from the beginner, elderly or injured to the elite level athlete. It is also suitable to be used in commercial settings such as in physiotherapy practices and gym and fitness studios.

Brand: ResultSport
Size: 59cm
Height: 22cm – 26cm
Level: Beginner to Professional
Colour: Red
Features: Toning Tubes and Hand Pump included.

Perfect for improving multiple components of fitness, including balance, flexibility, co-ordination and strength.
Suitable for a wide range of abilities, from the beginner, injured or elderly individuals to experienced athletes.
The instability of the dome increases the difficulty of the exercise and really improves balance and core stability.
When fully inflated the dome is 26cm high and 60cm in diameter, with a maximum user weight of 125kg.
Includes 1 x hand pump and 2 x toning tubes with handles – great for working the arm muscles.