MaxiClimber The Unisex Vertical Climbing Fitness System by New Image With Bonus Weighted Vest Teal (As Seen On High Street TV)

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Climb your way to toned, shapely arms, rock hard abs, a beautiful booty and leaner legs, with MaxiClimber! It’s the vertical climbing fitness system that mimics the movements used in rock climbing to engage all the major muscle groups and give you a calorie-burning, muscle-toning workout in the comfort of your home.

With MaxiClimber, you’ll sculpt toned arms, shapelier legs and a beautiful booty, all while you boost your endurance, burn calories and strengthen your entire body! In fact, because MaxiClimber works your whole body in one simple move, it’s an incredibly efficient and dynamic workout. And because MaxiClimber works using just your bodyweight, it’s easy, low impact and suitable for anyone, of any age or fitness level.

MaxiClimber works with just your own bodyweight to give you a muscle toning, aerobic workout, by utilising similar movements to rock climbing so you can climb your way to that toned, sexy body you want!

Take your workout to the next level with the 5kg (11lb) New Image Weight Vest, helping to burn more calories and improve muscle tone. It’s perfect for running, walking, or when using virtually any exercise machine to make your workout even more intense!

What’s Included:
• MaxiClimber System.
• User Manual.
• Maxi Diet/Exercise Plan.
BONUS Maxi Diet & Exercise Wall Chart.
BONUS Digital Monitor.
-50% OFF 5kg Weighted Vest Teal (Worth £39.99 Now £19.99)A great alternative to jogging, running or hiking, MaxiClimber works your entire body, for a maximum workout in minimum time
Low-impact, MaxiClimber uses only your own bodyweight for resistance so there’s no added stress on your joints.
Ergonomically designed to suit virtually any body type – MaxiClimber’s durable steel construction can support up to 240 lbs (110 kg)
Five different height setting to customise the machine to your size ; Two long L-shaped handlebars
Lightweight, portable, and compact. Folds up for easy storage in the closet or under the bed!