Velites Pre-workout massage cream for athletes: prepares, warms and protects muscles and joints | Magma Hot Effect Cream 100 ml

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Magma by Velites is an innovative heat cream that acts as a vasodilator favoring blood supply to the areas of the skin where the cream has been applied.

Magma has warming effect built into its formula. 

Velites creams contain only natural ingredients. Unlike other creams based on chemicals that remain on the skin for hours blocking the pores, Velites creams are rapidly absorbed to leave the skin hydrated and soft. 

Magma Velites Cream has been specially formulated for high-intensity sports like CrossFit, calisthenics, functional training, martial arts, football … Sports that test the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the athlete. 
What is Magma cream used for?

It has taken years of research to find the ideal blend of ingredients to help athletes achieve their goals and maximize their success. 

What are the active ingredients of Magma cream? 

  • Arnica – Velites Magma is an innovative cream formulated with a high concentration of Arnica. This plant is an outstanding natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent
  • Turpentine – the anti-inflammatory action of turpentine is very effective at relaxing muscles.
Capsicum – causes a pleasant heat effect that adapts to the intensity of the training. 

  • Gingko Biloba – Gingko extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, increases microcirculation and lymphatic flow and fights free radicals. 

  • St.John’s wort – an excellent analgesic.
  • Olive Oil and Shea Butter – perfect for keeping skin hydrated, supple and soft.

In short, Magma is a heat cream or gel that helps to prepare your body before training and reduces any discomfort or muscular pain that may appear during the effort. It will help you stay focused during the whole training session.

ENERGIZES, HEATS AND PROTECTS – Velites Magma prepares your body before training and reduces muscular pains during the training. The horse chestnut and gingko biloba provide energy.
PREPARES YOUR BODY FOR INTENSE TRAINING – Velites magma prepares your body thoroughly. Horse chestnut and gingko biloba give you strength and provide energy. The habanero pepper of natural origin causes an extremely durable and long-lasting heat sensation that adapts to the intensity of your training.
SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR SPORTS – Velites Magma pampers and nourishes the skin unlike other products that clog pores with chemicals. The higher the intensity of the exercise, the warmer the sensation you get from the cream. Velites Magma has a very pleasant heat effect that adapts to the intensity of your training.
100% NATURAL AND CERTIFIED BIO INGREDIENTS TO PROTECT YOU DURING YOUR TRAINING SESSION – Prepare your body with Velites magma to reduce muscular pains during the training session and enjoy a unique training experience without the usual discomforts. 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected to provide a feeling of warmth and protection during your work-out.
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