Velites Cold effect Gel | Massage cream with high concentration of arnica used to cool down relax and protect after working out. Designed for high intensity sports, weightlifting, calisthenics or CrossFit. | Polar Cool Effect Cream 100 ml

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Velites creams heal and nourish the skin. Unlike other creams based on chemicals that remain on the skin for hours and block the pores, Velite creams are rapidly absorbed to leave the skin hydrated and soft.  

The Velites Polar Cream has been specially formulated for high-intensity sports like CrossFit, calisthenics, functional training, martial arts, football … Sports that test the muscles, joints and ligaments of the athlete.

It has taken years of research to find the ideal mix to help athletes achieve their goals and maximize their success. It has been specially formulated with a high concentration of arnica well known for its anti-inflammatory capacities.

What are the active ingredients of Velites Polar, this innovative cold gel?

  • Arnica – this plant is an outstanding natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.
  • Centella Asiatica – has proven its beneficial effect on the blood circulation. Oxygen gets faster to the damaged tissues of muscles and joints.
  • Eucalyptus and Menthol – Natural refreshing aromas for a cooling sensation after training
  • St. John’s wort –  known for its anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates  the process of muscle repair and body aches 
  • Horse Chestnut – many studies confirm the effectiveness of horse chestnut as a vasoconstrictor that helps reduce pain.
  • Olive oil and shea butter – perfect for keeping skin hydrated and soft.

 In short, Velites polar cools, relaxes and protects. It also reduces the feeling of fatigue after training.



DESIGNED TO ACCELERATE RECOVERY – Our carefully selected essential oils provide a feeling of freshness and help relieve and reduce back pain after an intense workout.
REFRESHES; RELAXES AND PROTECTS – Velites Polar cream helps your body recover after training and soothes muscle pain. One of its ingredients is Arnica, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, which prevents muscle injuries.
100% NATURAL AND CERTIFIED BIO INGREDIENTS TO PROTECT YOU DURING YOUR TRAINING SESSION – Designed to accelerate recovery of the body after training, the Velites Polar cream is perfect for post- workouts. All its ingredients are certified organic, made in Spain and formulated with arnica, horse chestnut, St. John’s wort, eucalyptus and menthol.
SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR SPORTS – Velites polar cream pampers and nourishes the skin unlike other products that clog pores with chemicals. It promotes a relaxing cooling effect and relieves pain after an intense workout.
GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE VELITES SPORT ACADEMY – Designed by top athletes, includes training plans, tips and tricks to perfect your technique. Learn to stretch, improve your mobility and recover correctly to avoid injuries.