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2020 Gift Guide for her

2020 Gift Guide For Her

Here is my Epic Gift Guide for 2020 that is full of over 80 ideas! from the practical to the luxe! You are bound to find an idea or two (or more!) for the special lady in your life. Everything here is something I either have and love and use, or would love- that was the barometer for making the list! I tried to create a really versatile list with all different stuff and everything from watercolors to a luxe designer purse and everything in between. And stay tuned, my list with gifts and stocking stuffers, all under 30 dollars, is coming tomorrow!

Here is last years 2019 Gift Guide for Her

2020GGFH- homebody

Gifts for the Home Body (or I guess that is all of us now!?)

-I drooled over this Great Escapes to Europe book at the Taschen store. I want to go everywhere in this book and it’s perfect day-dreaming while we can go nowhere. 

–Baies Berries Diptyque Candle is a classic and I love the gorgeous black glass.  

-I love this Moon Dust Sachets pack- perfect for adding to tea and smoothies. You can drink it from my favorite  Positivity Please Mug!

-If you have not tried a weighted blanket yet, you are missing out. It calms and soothes anxiety and makes for a deep, soothing sleep. Only this time it actually looks good too. This thick Knit Weighted Blanket is on point for style as well as function:

-This gorgeous Aleksi Faux Fur Blanket is my favorite. (I have it in Mauve but admittedly  lusted after Plum) They are soft, luxe, and wonderful for snuggling.

-In this day and age I would be obsessed over this Wireless Sanitizing and Charging Station. My phone is rarely charged enough and of course, we constantly want it sanitized. I could see bringing one in the car or popping in my purse everywhere I go: 

-I have shared these Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI watercolors with 48 Colors set before. They are beautiful and inspiring and I love painting with them.

-These Metallic Watercolors are a gorgeous accent set that makes creating art special. 

-This is my go-to Watercolor Pencils, which I use all the time. This is the paper that I like best and here are the Watercolor brushes that I use.

– Almost nothing makes me happier than hummingbirds buzzing around my garden. This Hummingbird feeder is so pretty and sure to attract them!  

– I LOVE Morgan Harper. Her poetry and art is beautifully woven into this day planner for those of us who still love lists and planning out each day with a pen and paper. Morgan Harper Nichols Day Planner 2021: 

– If you have someone who is interested in the mystical, this is a really fun and beautiful set of Apparition Tarot Cards or this gorgeous Taschen’s book on Astrology. 

– Whether you do or don’t journal, this is the year to process all kinds of things and writing them down is a great way to do that. These Personalized Journals are lovely.

– Even though I don’t think of myself as a techie, I have accumulated quite a few things that need charging and I am very prone to placing them all over. This QI-EU Wireless charger is a small and sleek station that can not only make sure everything is charged in the morning but also I can find it all in one place! 

– this is a fun little gift. I bought myself a Letter Board this past year and have delighted in posting inspirational, seasonal and sometimes very funny little quotes on my kitchen wall. 

-I am a puzzle LOVER. Here are five gorgeous options that anyone will have fun with this long winter:

Frank Loyd Wright Puzzle.

Jonathan Addler Vertigo Puzzle

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait

Donut Puzzle

Tropical Holiday, New Yorker

-And if by any chance you have someone in your life that loves spinning, these really cute Spin Shoes caught my eye in crimson!

2020GGFH- Jewelry

Gifts of Jewelry and Organization

-Someday when traveling is allowed again, I would love a Travel Jewelry case like this. Unlike a jewelry roll it protects pieces with a hardcover and it’s a sleek, pretty box too!

– Love this as I am a sucker for anything with an evil eye and the red beads are great on this Icon Beaded Bracelet. Also love them on this Enamel Bracelet.

-This Petit Pearl Monogram necklace is adorable.

-I am obsessed with big gold bangles and I love this Kaia Gold Bangle Bracelet in vintage gold

-I am obsessed with Stephanie Johnson Makeup bags. I use mine for years and they travel and clean so well, plus they are a great size and come in fabulous patterns. Here are some current favorites:

Large Java Coffee Martha Cosmetic Case.

Java Coffee Louise Travel Makeup Pouch

Cairo Kohl Louise Traveler Makeup Bag 

Cairo Kohl Louise Travel Makeup Bag

-I could totally see putting this darling little Sage Marble Bowl in my bathroom or next to my bed to put earrings or rings in at night. 

-These lovely and very classic hoop earrings will be staples for anyone. I also love that they are 14kt gold for those with sensitive ears. And these sweet Pearl Bow Earrings are so feminine and drop really nicely. 

-Delicate and pretty, I would love to wear this Costa Bracelet.

2020GGFH- clothes

Gifts of what to wear: 

-I love Clair V for their amazing colors and patterns and these face masks are no exception- what cute pops of color for the newest safety accessory of the new normal.

-I have this Emerson Frye Sequined Jacket and it’s gorgeous. Looks amazing with a dress or with jeans and a t-shirt. I wish I sized down FYI. 

-My favorite Layering Jacket in a Gray Cashmere Wool. I wear this ALL the time and it dresses up or down. Now I also really want it in black! 

-LUST alert! These Gucci Combat Boots are a winter staple. Great in Rain, sleet, and snow and even with a dress! And also these Gucci Platform Sneakers! they are freshened up with the thick platform sole and I think both white and black are so cute with sweats or legging and big sweaters- both of which are my staples. I recently bought these Water-resistant Converse hightops and am thrilled with them. If you are in a rainy part of the country, these are durable, functional and very cute! And as far as boots go, I must admit that these Hunter Chelsea Boots caught my eye in the color Spurrey in a really big way, and I am going back for them. 

-I love this Clare V Cravat. I would wear this with a buttondown. I have an older model and use it with all kinds of outfits.

-If you have someone who loves to take a lot of walks or is spending time outside, then this Sherpa lined Hat and mittens are SO soft. I wear these on set and when I walk the dog and pretty much anytime I want to be warm and cozy going out.

-If you are looking for a sleek counterpoint to the mittens, try these Leopard Leather Tech Gloves which are very chic! and here is the sleek hat to go with it: Kyi Kyi Pom Pom Hat.

– Cuddling up while still looking pulled together is the best in this Wrap sweater. Great for weekends and zoom calls. 

– I LOVE this Missoni Scarf, which feels like it really can amp up any coat. Since I am eyeing this Italian Wool-Cashmere in this gorgeous saffron color, I want to pair them up. 

-I can see myself wearing this gorgeous Pencil Skirt in Sequined Stripes with a chick pressed button-down or a thick chunky wool sweater. 

-Ok, sweats are just a reality of this year and I don’t see them going away any time soon. But when they are Cashmere Cotton Blend Sweats, Sweatshirt, Joggers and even shorts) especially work with a cute sneaker, it elevates them. Add a blazer and you could even have a work-appropriate outfit. 

-LUST MOMENT: In this era, gone are big bags when going out for me. I just want a small shoulder bag that is hands free and that holds my credit card, my phone and a hand sanitizer. I looooove this Matalesse Camera Bag if you want to splurge: and this Solferino Leather Shoulder Bag is a MAJOR lust moment.

2020GGFH-cozy stuff

Gifts for getting Cozy: 

-I get a new pair of these Ugg slippers every other year or so and I love them. So warm and fuzzy and sturdy too. 

-I need a new robe big time and I have been eyeing this incredibly soft Ivory Plush robe.

-Now that I am spending so much time in loungewear and jammies, really beautiful Pajamas feel like a luxury that makes sense. I absolutely love these beauties in yellow, or in Saphire Leopard print. 

-I will never stop singing the praises of these silk pillowcases.  Slip Pillow Cases are so great for the skin,.

-I sleep with an eye mask, and they improve naps by about 100%. Try this beautiful Velvet Eye Mask to feel special even while sleeping! 

–Maison Blanc Prosecco Bellini Maison Candle smells wonderful and is what I want to light when I cuddle up to read or take a nap.

2020GGFH- skincare

Gifts for a Beauty and Skin Care Lover: 

Black Opium is my current favorite perfume and I love it.

I am SO dry in the winter and just want to slather myself in Coconut and Almond Body Butter or maybe try Lavender and mint or Ylang Ylang and Orange Blossom.

This Turmeric Body Glow Bar caught my eye big time. 

And my goodness, look at this gorgeous Soothe Rose and Coconut Self Care Set. Makes me want to take a bath. 

I have heard the best things about this Lip Sleeping Mask, and know that my chapped pucker could really benefit from this mid-winter! Or what about these 24k gold collagen eye masks? I have them, love them and swoon for what a bargain they are!

This Dyson is the best HairDryer. Period. It’s also a luxe gift that anyone would enjoy!  

Eye makeup is the only thing I really wear anymore, so I love playing up my eyes with great lashes. This very pretty Gold eyelash curler helps open up the eye!  

Speaking of wearing no makeup under my mask or when I am at home, I am just obsessed with skincare. I have the original Trinity, but Wowza, take a look at this sparkly version! Break the Ice Trinity® Facial Toning Device. It keeps your face tight and helps with collagen. In other words, it’s brilliant. 

Ok, speaking of skincare, it’s not cheap, so I know that I would love to receive something that I might not splurge for myself.  This is my most winning combination and all of the pieces are amazing separately or together.

IS clinicals cleanser

For the Day: 

–Super Serum Advanced

-CEO Sunday Riley face cream

-For the Night: 

-Active Serum

-Brightening Complex


Ok, I hope you found something in here that is interesting and helpful for you while you are on your search for the perfect gift for the ladies in your life! Also, there are affiliate links attached to these gift ideas but these are all 100% my ideas and opinions about what I would want and love!

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